Why do Missionaries Cost So Much?

About seven or eight years ago I had a good friend approach me about supporting him and his family as they would soon be leaving to be missionaries in a third world country. Perhaps what I remember most about our discussion was looking at the budget he showed me. Of course, I did not look … Continue reading Why do Missionaries Cost So Much?

Blessed and Encouraged!

We often get the question from people considering going into missions and many others who think we are crazy for "walking away from it all", "What is it like to depend on God to provide financially through other Christians?" Before we began depending on God in this "special" way I had no idea how it … Continue reading Blessed and Encouraged!

Unique Gift to the Ministry

We are praising God for our friends at Christian Communicators Worldwide! Last night they donated approximately 25 copies of the great evangelistic book Pursuing God in Spanish. These will be so helpful in our monthly evangelism trips over the border while at the Center for Pioneer Church Planting as well as when we are living … Continue reading Unique Gift to the Ministry