Are missionaries self-centered?

"Wow, I could never do what you are doing! You are giving up everything to go serve people you do not even know." "You are the most selfless and radical people we know." "You are my heroes." For many missionaries these kinds of comments are often heard when talking with well-meaning, encouraging ministry partners, friends … Continue reading Are missionaries self-centered?

Missionaries Must be Self-feeders

Several years ago Bill Hybels, senior pastor of super-duper mega church, Willow Creek in Barrington, IL, rocked the evangelical world by confessing that one area of discipleship Willow Creek had dramatically overlooked was helping their people to become "self-feeders" on the Bible. In other words, they were excellent at reaching out to the community, getting people … Continue reading Missionaries Must be Self-feeders

The Forgotten Sacrifice

In American culture we have days in our calendar that are set apart to remember the sacrifice of service men and women. Those days are often marked with parades, remembrance services at memorials, and prayers for our country. In other words, our country is a country that admires and appreciates the sacrifice of others. We … Continue reading The Forgotten Sacrifice