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10/15/2016 – Ethan’s favorite things about Costa Rica

Costa Rica es muy hermosa (very beautiful)! There are a lot of national parks like La Paz. I have been blessed to be able to go to some of them. My favorite was the volcano crater. It was big. La Paz was beautiful too. And Ellie held a toucan.
Costa Rica has many beaches too. We also went to Jaco. It was  also beautiful. We also went to Punta León. It was not fun because Titus and I got cut bad. We went to Doña Ana it was the best beach of all. Boy was it good. There was a restaurant too.

We also went to a hotel. There were a million pools! My favorite was a pool with a slide in to it!





2/22/16 – Below is a short video that Ethan and Titus made about our recent reading of a biography on George Müller.

11/3/2015 – What We Learned From the Cameron Townsend Biography

cam townsend book

Cameron Townsend was the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL

What important lessons did you learn from the life of Cameron Townsend?

1. Never give up on what God wants you to do. For example, even when Pearl Harbor happened he did not give up on recruiting new Bible translators.

2. Sad things can happen even when you are obeying God. Cameron was obeying God in training Bible translators when his wife died.

3. God can open the door for missionaries to get into them even if it seems impossible. He was able to get into Russia to do Bible translation there when no one was allowed in.

1. Don’t let things that seem impossible stop you from following God’s will. He had a goal to get into Russia to translate the Bible but it seemed impossible but he tried and was able to do it anyway.

2. Even if you are going through a hard trial try to honor God and don’t let it stop you from doing good things. An example is when Cam was in Guatemala and his best friend/helper (a Guatemalan) died but Cam kept doing his work even though it was hard.

3. Trust the Lord for big things. He wanted a pavilion at the World Fair in New York but they cost $250,000. He met the manager of the World’s Fair and the manager gave him a pavilion right in the middle where everyone would see it for free.


8/13/2015 – Favorite things from our recent trip to IL


Ethan’s Top 5:

  1. Going to a White Sox game
  2. Going to Volcano Falls – Mini golf and go-carts
  3. Going Dairy Depot ice cream stand
  4. Going to see “Inside Out” in the theater
  5. Going to the Lego Store

Titus’ Top 3:

  1. Fishing at Parker Lake
  2. Going to Volcano Falls – mini golf and go-carts
  3. Going to the Lego Store


Ethan and Titus wanted to start a blog where they can update their friends and family on what is going on with them as well as track what they are learning in Scripture. Oh yeah, Nora may contribute sometimes too. It should be fun :).


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