Success in Missions: Longevity is not Necessarily Success

I vividly remember one particular discussion in an Introduction to Church Planing class while in seminary. We were talking about a statistic that showed the average life of house churches was 18 months. During the discussion I raised my hand and asked why house churches were not more successful. The response of the professor has … Continue reading Success in Missions: Longevity is not Necessarily Success

Are missionaries self-centered?

"Wow, I could never do what you are doing! You are giving up everything to go serve people you do not even know." "You are the most selfless and radical people we know." "You are my heroes." For many missionaries these kinds of comments are often heard when talking with well-meaning, encouraging ministry partners, friends … Continue reading Are missionaries self-centered?

Overview of Teaching Genesis and Exodus

Below is an overview what, To Every Tribe staff member, Matt Taylor and I taught the missionary trainees at To Every Tribe a few weeks ago. It was a really enjoyable week and I am so thankful for the ministry of To Every Tribe. My favorite part about teaching these classes is getting the missionary … Continue reading Overview of Teaching Genesis and Exodus

Meet Our Team

The McKenzie Family:  Josh and Brita McKenzie received their theological and missional training from To Every Tribe in 2015. Prior to this, Josh was an engineer with a highway construction company for 12 years in Montana. Brita works in the home caring for the family and homeschooling their children. They have four children: Daniel (’02), Clara … Continue reading Meet Our Team