Open up and say ahhh…Dental Training

Searching for cavities, cleaning out decay, and putting fillings in - all things I never thought I would be doing as part of gospel ministry. But here I am preparing to take part in a dental clinic in village ML in Northern Mexico tomorrow through Sunday. Perhaps one of the coolest parts of this trip is that it … Continue reading Open up and say ahhh…Dental Training

Growing Hope and a Great Trial – A look at our latest trip in N. MX

A Growing Interest in the Word? With the mini generator hooked up to the battery of a pick-up truck and an electrical line running from the generator to a light bulb attached to a wooden board the room was lit enough for the Bible study to take place. Yes, this was the setting in Village … Continue reading Growing Hope and a Great Trial – A look at our latest trip in N. MX

Spinning Heads and Mexico Prep

  Teaching a class every Monday, preaching at To Every Tribe chapel every Tuesday, leading a mentoring group, developing/overseeing the new mentoring program for the Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP), leading a church planting team in Northern Mexico, attending some of the classes in the CPCP, working with new friends who live in the Valley … Continue reading Spinning Heads and Mexico Prep

Not What I Imagined…Ingrid

Whenever I have imagined our first missionary trip into Village EZ in Mexico - the village we will be ministering over the next two years - several images would come to mind - the beautiful people who were created in God's image yet do not know Him, laughing with them, loving them, crying with them, sharing the gospel with them, … Continue reading Not What I Imagined…Ingrid

Unique Gift to the Ministry

We are praising God for our friends at Christian Communicators Worldwide! Last night they donated approximately 25 copies of the great evangelistic book Pursuing God in Spanish. These will be so helpful in our monthly evangelism trips over the border while at the Center for Pioneer Church Planting as well as when we are living … Continue reading Unique Gift to the Ministry