My testimony by Ethan

One day when  we were living in TX I came out of my room and said I want to be a believer. And my dad said ok we need to  start a bible study on one day a week. Over the next few months I started to learn about the gospel, my sin, and my need for a savior. We went on a  date and that is when I realized I was a sinner, became a believer and I repented and believed. For the first time I felt I understood how the gospel applied to me. Adam and Eve sinned and since Adam and Eve sinned we are all sinners. But God promised Adam and Eve that someday he send someone to crush sin and death. That person was Jesus who was 100% man and 100% God. Jesus came to earth, lived the perfect life in my place that I could not live and died in my place and took God’s wrath that I deserved. He also crushed sin and death by raising from the dead. So that day I put my faith in Jesus and I started to live for God instead of myself. I believe that I was born again that day. And God has helped me with some things like being kinder to my sisters and my attitude in sports. And now I am doing my quiet time every morning. During my quiet time I pray, journal and read the Bible. I am reading Luke right now. God has really helped me through many hard trials too like moving and going to school for the first time.

But I still have a few prayer requests

To continue to help my attitude in sports;

To help me be strong in my faith in God;

That my sisters and my brother will become believers when they are older;

And he wold help me and my family have a good move to Perú;

Love you everyone

that is all for today





6 thoughts on “My testimony by Ethan

  1. Ethan, I praise God that you have heard His kind and beckoning voice through the Gospel. Christ is able to make you strong and courageous as you continue to do His will. Soldier on, young man!

  2. Praise God! We are overjoyed. This is so exciting Ethan! God has really been good to all of you while you moved and began to learn Spanish.

    At Bee Creek today I was thinking of how Nora “took turns” with Karter on his bike. As I watched Karter riding around today, I was missing all of you. The Lord has brought us another intern named Caleb — a single guy who just finished his undergrad at Trinity International. That gives us three total. We are excited about this.

    Ethan, we pray that the Lord keeps you and grows you up into a man of great courage and strength. We are thankful you have a great Daddy to follow and a greater Christ.

    We sang today: “For my life He bled and died–He will hold me fast…for my Savior loves me so–He will hold me fast.”

    Lots of love for you all,


  3. Hi Ethan,
    Thank you for sharing your testimony and prayer requests with us! It is wonderful to hear how God has worked in your life! He has blessed you with a faithful Mom and Dad.

    Psalm 139 says, “if I go to the far side of the sea, even there His hand will guide me, and his right hand will hold me fast.”

  4. Congratulations Ethan! I will be praying for you.
    I hope I can be an encouragement to you, as I have professed belief, and am getting ready to be baptized.
    We miss you,

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