23 days 15 hours and 24minutes-But Who’s Counting? (By: Betsy Holloway)

betsy and kidsThis March my husband, Trevor, had the opportunity to travel to Peru with two other men to determine a location in Peru where our families can serve long-term.  Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to be sanctified and refined as I took care of our children (ages 7,5, 2 and 1) and household alone for that same amount of time.

While Trevor was experiencing new places and meeting new people much of my life stayed the same.  I still awoke each day to the typical tasks of a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom.  Some people may assume my role as a missionary wife is much different than any other Christian wife. In some regard, there is truth in that.  However, I contend that much of my life is the same as any other Christian wife and mother.  Although my time may not have been as adventurous as a 23 day trip to Peru it was equally satisfying.

God sustained our family, and more personally, me, with more grace then I could have imagined.  I was blessed that He gave me more patience, love, and gentleness for my children.  My children also surprised me-they showed me love in ways I didn’t expect and were gracious to me when I sinned against them.  The body of Christ was also an encouragement to me as they cared for my kids so I could have a break, kept me company so I wouldn’t be lonely, read Scripture with me, called to check on me, and countless other things.  The role of a missionary wife has many different facets and unique challenges but it also brings greater opportunity to see the work of God more clearly in my life, my family, and the world around us.

2 thoughts on “23 days 15 hours and 24minutes-But Who’s Counting? (By: Betsy Holloway)

  1. Love your heart, sweet sister! Thanks for sharing how God equipped you with added grace in caring for the kiddos while Trevor was gone. I am glad he is back, safe and sound!

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