Muchas photos from our most recent trip to Northern Mexico

We had a terrific trip to Northern Mexico last week. We met a lot of new people in Village CO (where our church plant is) and had a great time of ministry in all three villages (CO, EZ and C). We also learned that there is a soccer game that happens every night at six in Village CO so myself and another team member, Bryan, played. This is a great way to get to know the young men in the village, build relationships, and herald the gospel. The Lord was gracious in doing even more than we expected, as He often does. Starting next trip (in 2 weeks) we will be doing some intentional leadership development in the Word with two men from the church plant in Village CO – we will be studying through Romans with these men. We will also begin more intentionally teaching the church how to read/understand the Bible for themselves (this was their request!!!). Thank you for your prayers and partnership!!!!


Did you ever think moving an out house from it’s old location to a new one spot in the yard would be ministry? I did not…There are always new ways to serve your neighbors in Northern Mexico 🙂


One of our “friends” who wanted to bunk with us in the church building in village CO – after we killed him of course.


Sweet Titus playing with little “J”.


Escuelita Biblia (little Bible school) in Village EZ. Rachel has the kids’ attention as she tells the story of the Exodus and connects it with Jesus.


Dia del Muerte decoration in the school room in Village EZ


Ethan, Tito and their buddies


We are on the migration path South for butterflies so there are a lot of these around right now


A great way to minister and evangelize is simply reading the Bible with people (it works well in the States too)


Escuelita in Village C


Re-enacting the Red Sea closing in on the Egyptians


Wednesday night Bible Study in Village CO


Mr R attacking a chicken who decided to roost in the overhead during the Bible study

IMG_4581 IMG_4629 IMG_4659 IMG_4720 IMG_4778 IMG_4895 IMG_4962 IMG_4976 IMG_5042 IMG_5058

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