Exciting Ministry Opportunity!!!

Recently an exciting ministry opportunity presented itself – an opportunity to go help train indigenous pastors from the jungles of Peru.  Myself and two missionary trainees (Dustin Greenup and Josh McKenzie) from the Center for Pioneer Church Planting will be heading to Chazuta, Peru to train pastors from surrounding jungle villages in hermenuetics (how to interpret the Bible). We will be going with an amazing ministry, Reaching and Teaching International Ministries (Founded and led by Dr David Sills of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary). Our team will be there for one week (October 11-19) and we will be covering topics such as: poetic literature, narrative, parables, espistles, prophecy and revelation. I will be covering prophecy and revelation. Reaching and teaching building

Below is the description from the Reaching and Teaching website: “Reaching & Teaching established our training center in Chazuta, Peru in the summer of 2013. Chazuta is a small community at what is referred to as “the eyebrow of the jungle,” where pastors from as far away as a week’s journey via trail and boat are able to come for training through Reaching & Teaching. The men divided themselves into basic and advanced classes, so all material at this center is taught twice each day.” An interesting note: Before Reaching and Teaching began working with these pastors they were preaching on their dreams and many of them come from villages that practice head-shrinking.. It is a huge privilege to go train these men through this terrific ministry. It should be a great trip and I am really blessed to be working with these two gifted and godly men (Dustin and Josh).

Please pray that:

  • We exalt Jesus in all we do and say
  • God uses us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to have a profound impact on the ministry of these men and the advance of His Kingdom
  • We would be able to communicate clearly through the translator
  • There would be unity and joy among us
  • Safety and smoothness in all the travel
  • The Lord would bless us with staying healthy and having strength and energy everyday
  • For Betsy and the kids to have a great week while I am gone. I have an incredible wife! I know it gets very difficult (and tiring) at times bearing all the responsibility at home when I am gone.

A HUGE thank you to all our partners who sacrifice to pray and give generously! Without the Lord blessing us through you we would not be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

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