First Mex Church Planting Trip of New Training Year

Tomorrow morning I will lead our church planting team into Northern Mexico for our first trip of this training year. This year will be different than last in that we will be based in Village CO* where we have an active church plant going. Our goal in Village CO will be to further encourage and equip the believers there. Another difference from last year is that we have a team of 7 missionary trainees plus families. We have a larger team because we will continue to minister in two nearby villages that we had teams in last year (Villages C and EZ). Village CO is kind of a hub village for the other two – CO has a secondary school and a small clinic that the other villages use.

I am also REALLY EXCITED because the whole family will come on this trip. We will only be gone M-W.

Please pray for:

  • Team Unity – The team is made up of mostly second year trainees that were on different teams last year. We have one first year trainee.
  • Boldness and clarity of the gospel going forth from our team in our evangelism and in our teaching of believers. We will be doing a VBS-type time with the children in Villages C and EZ on Tuesday and I will be teaching the church in CO on Tuesday night.
  • Strengthening of old relationships and building of new relationships in the villages.
  • Logistics – A team of this size serving multiple villages has a lot of moving parts and good communication is crucial as things in this area of Mexico can change rapidly. It is also supposed to rain everyday which makes moving about very difficult on the muddy roads.

*Village CO was referred to a CD in former posts. Also a reminder that we do not use specific names of villages for our safety and the safety of the villages we work in so as to not draw attention to them.

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