A Proposed Purpose Statement and Structure for 1 Thessalonians

1 thess manuscript picPurpose Statement: The Thessalonian church must continue to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord more and more in the midst of ongoing persecution.




To do this they must:

  1. Know (2:17-3:13)
    1. Paul loves them and wants to return to them (2:17-20)
    2. They are standing firm (3:1-13)
  2. Remember (1:1-2:16)
    1. God has chosen them (1:1-5)
    2. God is using them (1:6-10)
    3. Paul and his team’s conduct among them (2:1-10)
    4. The power of God among them (2:11-16)
  3. Advance (4:1-5:28) 2:12 and 4:1 drive purpose of the letter
    1. In purity (4:2-8)
    2. In love and proper conduct in the world (4:9-12)
    3. In hope (4:13-18)
    4. In anticipation (5:1-11)
    5. In their conduct in the church (5:12-28)

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