Fun Photos of Our Summer Visiting Ministry Partners and Family

Whew! From June 26-August 10, we drove well over 3,000 miles, stayed in 5 different states, dinner in 14 different homes, slept/lived in 8 different places, went to 15 parks, 4 pools, and one wedding…It was a very busy, exhausting, yet energizing 6 weeks of visiting ministry partners and family! Below are some photos of some of the fun. A BIG thanks to all who hosted us for dinner, in your homes, etc. We are very blessed to have an amazing church in KC and GREAT friends and family in KC and IL!

Illinois (Betsy’s Family) 

photo 2 (2)

White Sox game with the cousins

family with slugger

Nora was not a big fan of Southpaw

nora and aimee

Nora and Aunt Aimee

kids with nani and papi

Fun with Nani and Papi

me grace and ellie kids with grace and gwen reading action bible girls with grace and gwen




































“Photo-bombing” Uncle Eric…the kids think photo-bombing is just jumping into someone else’s picture












Open house for our partners in IL

Open house for our partners in IL including our FBCG prayer group










Illinois (My Family)










IMG_1936 IMG_1915 IMG_1906 IMG_1878






























Kansas City (disclaimer: We were enjoying fellowshiping with with our church and friends there that we realized we failed to take almost any pictures!!! So if you’re not pictured just know that we had a great time catching up!)


Betsy fellowshiping with missed sisters in Christ at a gathering of our church – Christ Fellowship KC. We could not love our KC church family more! We miss them everyday!


Our church held a Bible and Basketball one day camp while we were there. It was great!!! The boys learned basketball skills with the friends they missed so much and heard a teen’s conversion story and a gospel presentation. Great day!


At the fountains outside Crown Center.


Best BBQ in the WORLD!!! At Oklahoma Joe’s with the Spoolstra family.


Enjoying Kaleidoscope


Everyone’s favorite train restaurant – Fritz’s


Betsy and Nora at the zoo. Nora loves riding in the baby carrier


Boys day a Chiefs training camp. They even met their two favorite players – Tamba Hali and Jamaal Charles.


Lot’s of fun at the Compton’s farm!! We miss them so much so it was great to see them.

IMG_0906 IMG_0885 IMG_0882 IMG_0860  


3 thoughts on “Fun Photos of Our Summer Visiting Ministry Partners and Family

  1. Brother, it was so great to see you & Betsy & those precious kiddos! Love you all and miss you already! Praying that your work in Mexico did not suffer in the least in your absence.

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