One more makes SIX…Pics of Eleanor Joy

I remember shortly after we had Ethan (via c-section due to a failed induction) the surgeon who performed the c-section said that any other children we had would need to be delivered via c-section as well. However, Betsy worked hard at educating herself, and me, and we soon realized that this was not true. What can I say, Betsy is amazing especially at overcoming odds. I can proudly say that Eleanor Joy was Betsy’s third V-BAC and second delivered with no medication. I so admire Betsy’s strength, determination and courage!

Now on to the pictures:
IMG_0727 IMG_0722 IMG_0689IMG_0713IMG_0706 IMG_0699 IMG_0688 IMG_0685 IMG_0673 10444724_247364285453511_8593674498439991100_n

8 thoughts on “One more makes SIX…Pics of Eleanor Joy

  1. Thanks friends, for this update. Beautiful. Very thankful for the Lord’s goodness to you. Jane and I have wanted to stop by – but we’ve got friends from Belgium with us this week. When are you leaving the area?


  2. adorable! Loved the pics and cracking up at T’s face in the one. You can tell each one LOVES their little sis.

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