Going with JOY! Prayer requests for our church planting trip to Village EZ

Today was the first meeting of the church plant in Village CD on a Sunday! What a perfect day to start meeting as a church on Sundays!!! We are excited to see what the Lord continues to do there.

Tomorrow our whole family along with the rest of our church planting team will go to Village EZ for the week. We will be holding the first ever “conference” for several of the villages that we have church planting teams going to in N MX. We will hold this gathering on Tuesday in Village EZ. This will be a time of worship in song, around the Word and, of course, fellowship around the table. The gathering will be an important time of encouragement for the believers in these villages because most of them do not have any other fellowship except with the church planting teams that come.

You can be praying for:

  • Peaceable travel to and from as well as a peaceable time of ministry while in the village
  • Discipleship opportunities with the believers in the village -especially Mr E
  • More evangelistic relationships for our team
  • Good gospel opportunities in the relationships we do have especially as we speak with people about the movie Courageous if they came to see it last time we were there – and that we would see people saved!
  • Our team’s Spanish ability in understanding and communicating clearly
  • Betsy is 34 weeks pregnant (I know, she is amazing!) so ladies you know the many things to be praying for regarding her 🙂

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