Praying for big things in N Mexico!

Our church planting team will be heading back to Northern Mexico on Monday for the week. This is the busy harvesting season for the village so we have the possibility of doing some work in the fields with the men from the village – that would be great. We will also be taking our first trip to Village CD (a village of about 800-1000 people) to check out the possibilities of starting a church planting work there. Pray one of the believers for Village EZ will go with and really take ownership of this work. We are also praying for relationships and open doors. We have also been praying for 10 new relationships in Village EZ before the end of May. Last month was a good start with 2 new relationships.

Finally, we want to spend some quality time building into Mr. E – the recently baptized believer we are really trying to disciple and develop. We hope to spend some time in the Word with him as well as watch the movie “Courageous”. Male spiritual leadership is a serious problem in the culture even amongst the handful of believers. Our hope is that Mr. E can really take spiritual leadership in his home and the village.

One thought on “Praying for big things in N Mexico!

  1. Will be praying for your visit to these villages Trevor. Also, please share with Mr. E, that one of his brothers in KC has been praying specifically for him, that he would grow in understanding and boldness in proclaiming to others what the Lord shows him in scripture.

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