Blessed and Encouraged!

We often get the question from people considering going into missions and many others who think we are crazy for “walking away from it all”, “What is it like to depend on God to provide financially through other Christians?”

Before we began depending on God in this “special” way I had no idea how it was going to work. I would spend time making calculations in my head and the numbers never seemed to add up. I guess that is where faith comes in, right? However, Betsy and I had no idea what a blessing and encouragement it would be to live like this. We already have a number of great stories of how the Lord has met special needs, provided faithfully, shown his grace in ways we may otherwise never would have experienced.

This Christmas season has been a magnification of this. We were blessed by a few special financial gifts, encouraged by many notes and Christmas cards, thankful for those who God allows to give regularly, and even received a few “care packages” that blew us away! I am not sure words can express the gratitude and joy these things bring us – or at least my limited ability with words cannot.

We received a couple care packages from our beloved church in KC filled with notes and goodies for us and the kids.

We received a couple care packages from our beloved church in KC filled with notes and goodies for us and the kids.

So, we just wanted to write a quick note to publically praise God for His faithfulness through those who partner with us for the Kingdom through prayer and financial support. We also just want to boast that our God is faithful to His people. He knows our needs (physically and spiritually) and pours out His grace to meet those needs. We want to sincerely thank our partners and say that God has blessed us through you far beyond what we could have ever imagined. We pray God not only uses us in the mission field we are working in but in your lives as well to inspire you to trust God and walk by faith more than ever before.

13 Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures throughout all generations. [The Lord is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works.]14 The Lord upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down. 15 The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. 16 You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing. 17 The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works. 18 The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. 19 He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them. 20 The Lord preserves all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy.

21 My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord, and let all flesh bless his holy name forever and ever (Psalm 145:13-21).


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