New Opportunities in N MX & Unexpected Ministry Opportunity in the RGV

Getting ready to go!

Getting ready to go!

The suburban was fully loaded – not with luxury options but with a church planting team ready to take the gospel to village EZ in Northern Mexico and with the little gift bags of cookies that had a Christmas card and a gospel tract in Spanish attached.

We had a great trip. One of our goals this year is to expand out evangelistic outreach in the community by building new relationships with villagers. By the grace of God we were able to go to every house in the village and meet every family as we delivered los regalitos (the small gifts). Of course, in Mexican culture it is common for families to invite you in to sit down and talk. We had a lot of great opportunities to speak with people, build relationships with many we have never met before, pray for most, and read the Bible with some. One of the believing women in the village came with us along with her niece who recently retuned from working on a cruise ship (the niece is not a believer but she is bilingual and we are working on building a relationship with her).
delivering regalitos3 delivering regalitos

One woman we spoke with was weeping as we visited with her because her 33 year old daughter had passed away days before due to some kind of sickness. We spoke the Word to her and prayed with her. We hope to return and read the Bible with her. One of our strategies going forward as we follow-up on these relationships on subsequent trips is to read the Bible with people in their homes as a means for deeper discussion around the gospel.

As you can see from the photos it was pretty cold – in the upper 40s however we still had a great time doing ministry with the children and at our outreach Bible study which thankfully we were allowed to have in the school room which has heat.
kids dec2013

Please pray that the Lord will use these new relationships to draw people to himself!

I also had the joy of going back to Village EZ yesterday (Dec 19) with a great brother – Greg Giordano – he spent 2 years ministering in the village and was the team leader last year. He and his family are passing through Los Fresnos on their way to begin their first term on the field in Oaxaca, Mexico. We had a great time and were able to spend the day encouraging two of the believers.

family equipping conf

Not sure why the graphic cut off at the bottom!!! I know it looks super bad that Tony’s bio is cut off but it is totally unintentional and a result of my poor tech abilities.

An Unexpected Ministry Opportunity
We also had terrific opportunity to participate in a Family Equipping Conference for a handful of churches here in the Rio Grande Valley. Tony Hernandez (the man whom we are doing the church plant with) and I (Trevor) were the main speakers. The conference was really great with a lot of good questions and positive feedback. I spoke on the topics of  training up children, discipline, and getting their hearts. In fact, one of the churches is having us come to do an all day conference with their families on January 11! We are praising God for this totally unexpected and thrilling opportunity.

In the midst of mentoring missionaries, our own missionary training, leading a church planting team into Northern Mexico, planting a church in the RGV, finishing the boys soccer season, and speaking at family conferences we are now enjoying a short Christmas break from the Center for Pioneer Church Planting.  We will post soon on how we having been keeping busy during this time of much needed rest.

4 thoughts on “New Opportunities in N MX & Unexpected Ministry Opportunity in the RGV

    • Thanks Carol! You and Matt are such an encouragement to us. Watching you all give everything up in faith and for the Kingdom greatly inspired Betsy and me to walk by faith for His Kingdom. We love you and thank God for your impact, encouragement, and generosity in our life!! Merry Christmas.

  1. Merry Christmas! As I read this latest post, I’m really amazed and grateful for just how much God has already accomplished through you and your family in these few short months that you’ve been down there. What a testimony to what God will do when we surrender our all to Him and sell everything for the pearl of great price. Enjoy your time of rest with family and know the Simpsons love you all very much, think and speak of you all often, and pray for you regularly!

    • Thanks Greg. We are constantly amazed by God and all that He, in His grace, allows us to see. Your family and the rest of CFKC are a big part of that in so many ways including your sacrifice and generosity that allows us to be here. Thanks for praying and we too are regularly talking about the Simpson family and praying for you all! We love and miss you!!!!

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