Ethan, Titus, and Nora will be invading Village EZ!

We will be returning to Village EZ on Monday for a week of ministry with our Mexico church planting team from To Every Tribe. Lord willing everyone from our family will go with our team. We will be focusing a lot on evangelism in the village.
nora in stuffed animals
This is done primarily through 4 means.
1) Door-to-door ministry of meeting people, building upon existing relationships, praying for the people we spend time with and planting seeds in our discussions with them.
2) Outreach Bible study – we have a Bible study on Wednesday that we invite people in the community to. There are usually a handful of people that show up.
3) Bible storying with the children. We read a story from the Bible everyday with them and then have a craft they do related to the story. The goal for the craft is two fold – helps them remember the story and gives them something to take home to tell their parents the story.
4) Soccer with the teens. Last time I was able to share my testimony with several of them and a couple other guys were able to have some meaningful conversations.
It is a difficult village with not many physical needs and major apathy toward their Spiritual need of the gospel. There are two “believing” families there that we actually stay with. The women seem to be genuinely converted but with the men I would say it is questionable. Both families attend churches several miles away (the ‘pastors’ of those churches live over an hour from their congregations and just go to the churches on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to teach). The believing families also really have no vision for a church in their village – yet :). This is something we are trying to help them with but it is difficult for several reasons.
Don’t get me wrong, the believing families really are great and we love them so much! They are a great blessing to us and do desire to see people in the village saved.
Aside from the above, please pray for our Spanish and good, clear communication. Also pray for a peaceable and quiet trip in regards to the bad guys along the way and in the village and border crossings so that we can minister the gospel freely.

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