Ethan and Titus take over the blog!!!!

The last several weeks have been crazy so sorry for the lack of updates. I will post a ministry update later in the week since we will be in Mexico next week. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to give Ethan and Titus a shot at blogging via a Q&A. So here is a post from Ethan and Titus’ perspective…

Q: How do you like Texas so far?
E: It’s good except is super hot all the time but we get to play with friends a lot.
T: I like it. We have a basketball hoop on the other side of the courtyard and a tree swing.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do here?
E: I like to play in the courtyard with my friends and play soccer.
T: I like to go to the beach because we have boogie boards and I like the parks.








Q: What do you miss most about KC?
E: The snow because it will probably never snow here.
T: The BBQ especially Oklahoma Joe’s and Gates.







Q: What your favorite thing Nora says?
E: “Buddy…Buddy”
T: “Tito”








Q: What was your favorite part of going to Mexico?
E: That there was a lot of people to play soccer with.
T: The kitty cat named Colores.
titus and colores







Q: What do you like most about your new soccer team?
E: That we won and we are super good.
T: That we will win the whole season!
















Q: What is your least favorite part of living in Texas?
E: The giant mosquitoes and big flies.
T: The tarantula hunters that fly around our apartment sometimes.

t hunter

Giant wasps called tarantula hunters







Q: What would you like to you like to say to all your friends and family reading this blog?
E: It’s fun living and Texas and you should come visit sometime.
T: We miss you. We hope we see you again sometime.

2 thoughts on “Ethan and Titus take over the blog!!!!

    • Ha!!! Time flies doesn’t it!!! We heard Bee Creek was last weekend and it was a good reminder that life is going forward in KC without us :). Can’t wait to see you and the family this summer if the Lord wills. Your kids will be so much more grown up by then. Give Shawna and everyone else our love.

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