Not What I Imagined…Ingrid

ingrid2Whenever I have imagined our first missionary trip into Village EZ in Mexico – the village we will be ministering over the next two years – several images would come to mind – the beautiful people who were created in God’s image yet do not know Him, laughing with them, loving them, crying with them, sharing the gospel with them, spending time with them in their homes, building into the two believing families in EZ, being really hot, the list could go on and on…not to mention concerns with travel…

What did I never pause to think about as a possibility? A hurricane. Ingrid. So our trip will probably be very different than imagined and a lot muddier :). Let’s face it though, it would have been very different than I would have imagined anyway. Our family has a saying when it comes to being missionaries in Mexico and even just living in the Rio Grande Valley for that matter – “Vaya con flow”. That means “go with the flow” in Spanish of course. Although they do not really have a word to capture the meaning of our “flow” in the way the saying is portraying it in English. So that is what we will do in EZ from Monday to Wednesday, vaya con flow.

We would appreciate your prayers for:
– a “successful” trip – whatever that will look like in God’s eyes
– mine (Trevor) and the team’s ability to effectively communicate in Spanish. We have only one other “Spanish speaker” on the team and he is about one step ahead of me so we really need the Lord’s grace in this.
-safety in travel and smooth border crossings
– team unity and clarity in vision for reaching this village with the gospel over this next year.

A Titus quote to leave you with – I shaved my beard completely during nap time today knowing that if I did not like it I would not be shaving in Mexico so it would not be a big deal. Titus woke up and went straight outside where Ethan was already playing and then peaked his head back through the door to say, “I think you shaved too much of your mustache off.”

3 thoughts on “Not What I Imagined…Ingrid

  1. If there is information you wouldn’t mind me sharing at, I would like to tell my readers about what you are doing. In the coming week or so, we will hopefully be conducting a virtual Bible drive for another Mexico missionary. When that is behind us, I would like write a post about you. God bless.

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