A Puppy, A Tarantula, Tamales, and a Ministry Update

Have you ever purchased a puppy? I have and I still remember when we went to pick it out from a rescue shelter when I was 13. I can vividly remember walking through the rows of crates looking for that perfect dog. I remember seeing her, a black lab, and getting her out to play with her. I remember sitting on the floor and her jumping on me and smelling her “puppy breath” as she licked my face. Finally, I remember riding in the back seat of the car with a big smile on my face as we brought her home.

People buy puppies in several different ways, rescue shelters, breeders, pet stores, etc. But here, in Texico, we saw a way to buy a puppy you would not find anywhere north of here. Driving home from Walmart we saw a guy parked on the side of the road holding a puppy up for all to see as we drove by. Yes, he was selling them out of the back of his pick-up truck. Something new EVERYDAY!

A Tarantula
Betsy and the kids found a tarantula today and she picked it up!!! Yet another reminder to me and the kids to not mess with her!

Check out Nora's face in the bottom right by Betsy's hip.

Another “first” happened today that I believe is unique to this area. We had a man from the neighborhood ring our doorbell just as we were praying for lunch. I opened the door and he was carrying a reusable grocery bag around his arm filled with tamales he had just made and was selling door to door. If Betsy had not just made lunch we would have definitely bought some.

Quick Ministry Update
You know that feeling when you are getting ready to watch a movie at home and you put the bag of popcorn in the microwave, push the time and start buttons, and stand there for what seems like an eternity to watch it begin to pop. Just when you wonder if it is going to start you hear that first pop and then a chaotic burst of kernels popping all at once. Well, for the last few weeks we have been waiting for the kernels to pop but the waiting is over because orientation for the Center for Pioneer Church Planting starts Monday!

For the last week and a half I have been working tirelessly with the other members of the CPCP staff to not only prepare for orientation but for the year ahead. Some may not know that I am both a missionary trainee and a staff member of the CPCP (CPCP Mentoring Coordinator is my official title). Until this year the CPCP has focused on two areas: theology and field training. They brought me on staff to develop, implement and oversee a third component – Mentoring, to make the training more holistic. It has been a joy to direct so much of what I have learned and practiced in my last seven years of ministry in regards to developing men and women in their faith toward the cause of training missionaries to take the gospel where there is currently no access. I look forward to seeing what the Lord does in the lives of these missionaries and their families through this piece of the training.

I praise God for all the men and women who have so faithfully and graciously poured into me and my family over these years. I hope that this component of the training will be the great blessing to others that I have received from those who have worked hard to mentor, shape, develop, and challenge me.

Finally, I have some very exciting news that I will share in the next several days so stay tuned (No Betsy is not pregnant). We appreciate the prayers, emails, phone calls, google hangouts, etc that we have been blessed with over the last 2 weeks. All glory be to Christ!

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