This is REAL now…kind of

If you drive far enough South in Texas you enter small stretch of land that does not seem to quite be the US and at the same time not quite Mexico. What do you mean you may ask…Well, after you pass by Houston then San Antonio there is a long stretch of nothing but not the nothing we are used to seeing – i.e. corn fields or wheat fields and farms as far as the eye can see. I mean NOTHING except a lot of dry, dusty dirt and an dried out shrubs – no farms, no other cars, no houses, NOTHING. As I drove down that stretch of highway I could not help but wonder why it was even there except that someone at some point thought, “Well, Texas has not technically ended yet so I guess we should just keep this road going til it does.” Then almost out of nowhere (okay I guess you could take the ‘almost’ out of that statement) you begin to see random makeshift fruit stands and people selling items out the trunks of their cars along the side of the road. I think the funniest one we saw was someone selling t-shirts, among other things, tied on a clothes line that extended from their opened trunk lid tied to a nearby tree.

Oh yeah, most of the billboards are in Spanish too :).

Oh yeah, most of the billboards are in Spanish too :).

That is when you realize you have now entered Texico. That is when you realize you are on foreign soil…kind of. That is when you realize training has begun. That is when you realize we are not in Kansas (City) anymore. That is when you realize that this is real now.

We live just south of Brownsville at the very Southern tip.

We live just south of Brownsville at the very Southern tip.

Okay so now that you have a little context around our new world (there will be much more to come and many more funny anecdotes about Texico I’m sure) I will fill you in briefly on how things are going. The drive, which we did over two days went terrific. The kids were amazing! We stopped after 12 hours of driving near Austin to stay over night and after we settled in we took the kids to a nearby field to let them run around to burn off some energy. As it was getting dark Betsy mentioned that we should probably head in before it got too dark so we all started walking back and that is when Betsy was introduced to a new friend who crawled right in front of her…that’s right…a tarantula!!!

We arrived in Los Fresnos at about 4 pm Wednesday and were greeted by some old friends – Steve and Terri Best (Steve is the Director of the CPCP, some newer friends – David and Tommi Sitton (David is the founder/president of TET), and a new friend Chad Bresson (also on staff with TET). We unloaded the trailer and started unpacking. The few families already here had a cookout for us which was great. We are getting settled now and have hit multiple Wal-Marts trying to figure out the best one as well as multiple HEBs (a grocery store). It has been non-stop with unpacking, shopping, finding a bank, me starting work for TET, etc. So we truly appreciate the prayers!!!!

Tomorrow we will go to the beach for a few hours in the morning before I meet up with the other CPCP staff to continue preparations for orientation the week of August 26. Well, I said this would be brief and it was not…sorry about that. I guess its tough to keep it brief with so much happening. I will work on that for the future :).

4 thoughts on “This is REAL now…kind of

  1. Wow! You guys are WAY down south. Not too far from McAllen where my cousin JoAnn lives. I’m glad the trip went well. Watch out for those tarantulas!

    • We certainly will Beth! I will be going into Mexico for ministry one week each month and the family will come with as they can but being this close to the boarder is a good start toward our final move once training is over in terms of being surrounded by the language and culture. Thanks for keeping up Beth. It really blesses us to know you are thinking about us and praying for us.

    • Thanks Becca! You and Dale remain in our prayers. Working with him in the prison was an incredible experience and I continue to pray for his work there. Betsy will certainly miss seeing you on Tuesdays this year!!!!

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