A Little Disney Before We Depart KC

Disney, the happiest place on earth right? There we were standing in line at Big Thunder Mountain just about to get on to the ride but all anyone in the line could focus on was the screaming little kid, “NOOOOO I don’t want to go on anymore!!!! I don’t want to go on!!! NOOOOO!” Clinging to the gate as the train car of the ride arrived and everyone looking in disbelief that his parents were going to make him go. I felt a little bad for him but I especially felt bad for his mother mainly because she is my wife :). The screaming little boy – Titus.

Are we bad parents for making him go? I was wondering this but it was the ride he was originally most excited to go on until we got up to where the cars come up. He waited in the long line so I thought if he just goes on, after all he had just been on Splash Mountain and loved it, he will enjoy it and he did kind of. Other than those few minutes we all had a GREAT time!

So here are some pics so you can try to enjoy Disney vicariously through us. My mom and dad took us (we praise God for their generosity!!!) and my brother and his family.


Magic Kingdom!!!


Photo op with our friends Mike and Sully from Monsters U. Where is Titus? He is not a big fan of mascots/characters so he prefers to see them from a distance 🙂


Ethan and Titus at the Lego store. They had a blast and got some Lego sets for age 7 so that will probably be a BIG challenge for ME when we put them together.


At our resort, Art of Animation. Fully equipped with Nemo, Cars, and Lion King themes.


Disney hit baby hard! BTW “baby” is the nickname we call Nora. It started because that is what Titus always called her when she was first born and it has stuck ever since.

Well we start our trek to Los Fresnos, TX on Wednesday to begin a new chapter in our life. The Lord has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams in KC with a great church and great friends. We only pray we made a big impact for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom while here and that He will do great things through us wherever we go.

We will be sending our first newsletter via email after we move. I will continue to blog weekly (or there abouts) as well. Feel free to contact us to catch up through phone, Facetime, Facebook, email, Google hangout, Skype, etc. And don’t be surprised when we contact you!

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