5 Times, A Funeral, and a lot of Blood

Five Times
As I stood in front several hundred people sharing about God’s direction in our lives, casting vision for His Kingdom among the unreached tribes in Oaxaca, and thanking our brothers and sisters in Christ at First Baptist Church of Geneva (IL) – the church Betsy grew up in – I suddenly began to feel the stage rumble. Is this an earthquake in IL? Am I losing my mind? Are my legs giving out? Nope. As I turned to look at the people on the other side of the room I notice Titus hopping up and down on one leg behind me. He got some good chuckles and we found out after the fact that he had an itch on his leg. We then showed him how to scratch it next time without drawing attention to himself. I guess he listened well because the next service he spent scratching his leg the “proper” way while I shared.
trevor FBCGIn all we shared our story 5 times at two different campuses. It was a real joy to worship and fellowship with the people and pastors of First Baptist Church of Geneva. The kids did really great going back and forth between campuses and getting up on stage with us while I shared. Obedience training pays off in so many ways!!!
Trevor east FBCG

A Funeral
Sadly, my grandmother passed away last week so I had the privilege of doing the funeral. This was the first funeral I had ever officiated and it was a very sobering experience. I preached from Ephesians 2:1-10 (one of my grandma’s favorite passages) and urged the few dozen family and friends to not waste this opportunity to reflect on where they stand with the Lord. Many there were unconverted so I pray the Word takes effect in their lives. Aside from preaching the gospel in clear way my desire was that my dad would be pleased with how I honored the memory of his mother. Thankfully he expressed to me that he was. Praise God for that.

A lot of Blood
“Mommy!!!!” We turned and looked and Titus was running toward Betsy from the monkey bars he had apparently just fallen from. No big deal right? With 3 kids 5 and under these things happen all the time. However, my heart stopped when Betsy was running over with Titus in her arms with the back of his head and her hands covered in blood. So we had our first “major” injury on Friday. Thankfully there was another family there having a picnic who had ice and towels to treat him with. He ended up having a small gash on the back of his head that would have required staples had we not been from out of town. But since we were they ended up gluing the cut back together since it would not require additional care that way. That park which we drive by everyday on our way out of Betsy’s parents subdivision is now affectionately called “Glue Park” by Ethan and Titus.

We leave IL tomorrow and will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in St. Louis with some of our besties from KC as we return home and they go out east. We will also be meeting up our neighbors-to-be at the CPCP while in St. Louis because they live in the area. We are really looking forward to that!

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