Some significant lasts

It’s funny how “lasts” are usually either really great or really hard with not much in between. For example, I am hopeful that I had my last St. Louis style pizza in my life. If I have that would be a great last because I never want to pay for or eat a giant saltine cracker with sauce and cheese on it again. On the other hand, some lasts are harder, like enjoying your last Twinkie before Hostess went out of business. Those are silly but you get the point.

Well, previously I wrote about my last week at work. I guess that was kind of the beginning of my lasts. However, now we are entering into a time of lasts for our whole family. Things have not been emotionally difficult until now. As Betsy put it, now we have to start saying good-byes. So I will do a few blogs highlighting our “lasts”. I will separate them by “church lasts” and “other lasts”.

Two very significant church lasts:

1) Sunday, June 23, was the last meeting of the Lee’s Summit congregation.


The last three years leading this congregation has been incredible. Betsy and I have truly loved it. Our congregation saw God work in so many magnificent ways in our lives. We saw each other grow in Christ, lead people to know Christ in a saving way, God answering HUGE prayers, love expressed in a multitude of ways through times of prosperity and times of heartache. As we met for the last time it was incredible to recount God’s goodness and discuss how we really lived life together for Christ. Meeting in homes certainly helps these things to happen more organically but ultimately all the great things we experienced together were a result of God responding to our love for Him and for each other. Again, I praise God for the privilege it was to pastor and fellowship with these dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

2) Last Tuesday I enjoyed my last elders meeting as an elder of CFKC. After 4 hours together every Tuesday for approximately the last three years to say that I grew in my love and respect for the other elders would be an understatement. Jim Elliff, Steve Burchett, Daryl Wingerd, Jim Chrisman, Dan Pentimone, and most recently, Kole Farney have deeply impacted me through our time together. The Lord has used them to make me a better Christian, a better husband, a better father, and a better pastor. I will certainly miss our great times of prayer, encouragement, studying the Word of Life, and discussing pastoral issues together. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine Tuesday nights without these guys. On the other hand, this is a good last for Betsy (in a way) because she gets her husband back on Tuesday nights – we’ll see how long she is saying that for :).

Pray for us as we will be traveling a lot through July. We will be going to IL to visit friends and family for the next two weeks and then off to Disney World (a special blessing from my parents!!!!).

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