Did I have an impact?

“Am I making a difference? Will people’s lives be any different because I worked here? Have I made an impact for the gospel? What will my legacy be with those who know me?”

Have you ever had these questions pop into your head regarding the impact you are having for the gospel at your job?

empty-office-cubicleI certainly did. Last week was my last week at work (final day  was 6/14) and it was amazing to see some of the impact I made on people for the gospel. To be honest, I really hate “good-byes” (very cliché but it’s true) because they are often a little awkward. Anyway, over my last week at work I had dozens of people come ask me about what we are leaving to go do. Many said they were inspired by the idea that Betsy and I would leave everything for something we believed in. However, the most exciting part was how many people told me that I had challenged them spiritually – most of whom I never really thought I did. Many gave specific examples of things I told them or questioned them on which made them think about where they stood with God.

Of course, it was also really great to speak to the 15-20 people who had been in various Bible studies I held at work over the years. What a joy to hear stories of how our time around the Word challenged them to either seek a real relationship with God or perhaps get more serious about it. In fact, my best friend at work(surely a life-long friend) was converted through studying the Bible together. He and his wife (also a believer) have been a huge blessing to Betsy and me over the last year and a half particularly.

Let me be honest with you before you think I was doing some amazing things that I was not or before you think, “Oh he is a pastor that is why he can see so much fruit for the gospel at his job,” – I did not do anything special. In fact, I did not even hang up any hokey Christian trinkets in my cube. All I did was pray consistently for boldness to share the supremacy of Christ in my life with those who I spent 40+ hours per week with.

When opportunities came, I took them. Did I miss some? Absolutely! Did I say awkward things that would run through my head the rest of the day because it did not come out just right? Sure. But ultimately I faithfully shared the supremacy of Jesus whenever I could, showed a genuine love and concern for others, and worked with integrity and God did the rest.

I challenge everyone reading this update to do the same and watch what God will do. You may not see everything He is doing but He will certainly show you some great things and you will forge gospel oriented relationships along the way.

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