Whirlwind Begin

“Can we talk for a minute?” 

“Um, sure.” She said with a slight look of concern on her face.

“I’ve really enjoyed working here over the last 3 1/2 years but…

Yes, last Monday I put my two weeks notice in at work with my last day being this Friday, June 14. It has been very interesting. First, I was happy that although people were surprised they were not surprised. Countless people, including the team I supervise, were very happy for me and said they knew I was a very devoted Christian so this did not totally surprise them. I have had great opportunities to talk about Christ as people have inquired about what we will be doing. Who and what will I miss most from my job? Definitely the group of people who were in the Bible studies I have led there over the last few years – especially the brothers in Christ I have enjoyed so much – Eric, Jay, and Steven.

Now what???
Pack, sell what we can, give stuff away, and fellowship bonanza…These are what our days are made up of now in our “spare” time but will be our full-time reality once I am home full-time. Within the next week or two it is quite possible that our car will be sold, our couches will be sold (seating will be fun in our living room) and our office will be virtually empty (bookshelves gone? and desk sold?). Suddenly, as our apartment empties and we go down to one car again, it is all moving from idea to reality that this is happening. The bittersweetness only intensifies with each church member or dear friend that we spend special time with as the days wind down. Wow, God has been SO good to us in KC – it is hard to leave the place that has truly been “home” for our family. But we know God has great things ahead for us and His Kingdom as we move forward in faith!

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