One last time – thoughts on going on my final trip to Northern Mexico

One of my favorite pics of our family together ministering in Mexico

One of my favorite pics of our family together ministering in Mexico

It seems like just yesterday I was preparing to go on my first trip into Northern Mexico leading a church planting team from the Center for Pioneer Church Planting. Some things have certainly changed during these two years – familiarity with the people and culture, we are based in a different village than where we started, we are working with a church plant that has begun during our time, many members of the team, relationships in villages, expectations, going in Sundays as opposed to just one week per month, etc.

However, there is one thing that has always remained the same – the reality of our utter dependence on the Lord. When I return I plan on writing about many of my observations and lessons I have learned from working in Northern Mexico over the last two years. But, perhaps, the best experience that I have had in going so regularly to Northern Mexico is the feeling of total dependence on the Holy Spirit every time we go. I cannot rely on my abilities. I cannot rely on my communication skills. I cannot rely on my ministry experience or my seminary degree. No, I am left with only one person to rely on, Jesus. The good news is he promised to be with me in this missionary endeavor(Matt 28:20)!

Therefore, these last two years have been humbling and exhilarating. I have had the privilege of seeing God show His sovereign power to work in the lives of people who do not know him despite my lack of abilities. I have had the privilege to see God grow people who do know Him into better disciples simply by pointing them to truths of His Word. Because so much of what we tend to rely on in the States has been stripped away there is no temptation to point people to ourselves or our abilities.

I cannot help but wonder if perhaps I have received a two year education from the Lord about the reality of how much I need Him in every way no matter where I am and what I am doing. 

So, as our team travels to Mexico today to labor for Christ this week please pray that we finish well, that the work we took part in lasts, and that all glory and praise for any fruit would be directed solely to the Lord of the Harvest!

Team CO - What an honor to lead this great team

Team CO – What an honor to lead this great team

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Mexico Week Prayer Requests


A beautiful sight. The church gathered with Bibles and pens in hand taking notes and engaging in the text together.

A beautiful sight. The church gathered with Bibles and pens in hand taking notes and engaging in the text together.

team pic IMG_4720

Our church planting team leaves in about one hour to spend the week in Mexico. Please pray for us in the following ways:

  1. We encourage and strengthen the believers in our the church plant in Village CO. We are continuing to teach them each night how to study/understand the Bible on their own.
  2. We proclaim the gospel clearly to unbelievers who we already know and new people we will meet this trip
  3. For the Lord to use our escuelitas biblicas (little Bible schools) in a profound way in the lives of the children in villages CO, EZ and C.
  4. Unity and joy among our team
  5. That the Lord would bless my Spanish abilities beyond my natural capabilities
  6. Safety in travel and while we are in the village – that we would be able to move around and minister freely
  7. For Betsy and the kids back here in TX that they would have joy and peace in the home
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Peru Trip Recap Video

I (Trevor), and the two other men from the families we will be teaming up with long-term, had an incredible time in Peru. Everywhere we went we saw great need for the gospel. Check out our video to hear and SEE important details from the trip – there is a lot of great video footage and pictures included. Most importantly, our families feel very strongly that the Lord is leading us to serve together in Peru long-term. Our goal is to take the gospel to the unreached through training up indigenous pastors and missionaries while working alongside them to plant churches among the unreached in their own country.

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23 days 15 hours and 24minutes-But Who’s Counting? (By: Betsy Holloway)

betsy and kidsThis March my husband, Trevor, had the opportunity to travel to Peru with two other men to determine a location in Peru where our families can serve long-term.  Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to be sanctified and refined as I took care of our children (ages 7,5, 2 and 1) and household alone for that same amount of time.

While Trevor was experiencing new places and meeting new people much of my life stayed the same.  I still awoke each day to the typical tasks of a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom.  Some people may assume my role as a missionary wife is much different than any other Christian wife. In some regard, there is truth in that.  However, I contend that much of my life is the same as any other Christian wife and mother.  Although my time may not have been as adventurous as a 23 day trip to Peru it was equally satisfying.

God sustained our family, and more personally, me, with more grace then I could have imagined.  I was blessed that He gave me more patience, love, and gentleness for my children.  My children also surprised me-they showed me love in ways I didn’t expect and were gracious to me when I sinned against them.  The body of Christ was also an encouragement to me as they cared for my kids so I could have a break, kept me company so I wouldn’t be lonely, read Scripture with me, called to check on me, and countless other things.  The role of a missionary wife has many different facets and unique challenges but it also brings greater opportunity to see the work of God more clearly in my life, my family, and the world around us.

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Video Update and Prayer Calendar- Peru Trip Overview

Below is a video update giving an overview of my upcoming 22 day exploratory trip to Peru as well as a link to our prayer calendar so you can know where we are each day and how you can be praying for us. We appreciate your prayers as we seek the Lord’s will for where HE wants us long-term on the mission field.



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Putting the Bible in Their Hands

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).

team picOne of the most important things a pastor or missionary can do is teach their people how to properly read and understand the Bible. This is what our church planting team began to teach during our most recent trip to our church plant in Village CO in Northern Mexico. The church came together every night we were there and we went through Scripture with them teaching them the importance of understanding: Genre, Context, Reading and Rereading, and making observations of the text. We will continue with more principles when we return for a week in April. Below are some pics:

A beautiful sight. The church gathered with Bibles and pens in hand taking notes and engaging in the text together.

A beautiful sight. The church gathered with Bibles and pens in hand taking notes and engaging in the text together.

One of the brothers (left)  giving his testimony as we began a night of study

One of the brothers (left) giving his testimony as we began a night of study
















“Come to the school tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and we will let you share with the whole school.” This is was what the director of the primary school told us when we stopped by to see if we could start an escuelita Biblica (little Bible school) with the kids like we do in the two other villages we work in. Of course, in those villages we do it at the school after school hours. We were amazed that the Lord opened up a door for us to do this with the whole school during school hours. We have been praying for several months that the Lord would allow us to do an escuelita with the kids in Village CO and now He blew our expectations out of the water. Escuelita is a great avenue to share Christ with the kids of the village and open up gospel-relationships with their parents.

There are a total of 68 kids in the school. The day we were able to have escuelita about 30 had the day off so we were blessed with the opportunity to share the creation story with about 40 kids. When we arrived they had all the kids pull their desks to the courtyard area. Afterward, we were invited to have coffee and sweet bread with the director and some of the teachers. It was great to get to know them better and they emphasized how much they appreciated us coming and invited us to come back. They reminded us that these children see a lot of violence and bad news in their village so to have people come bring good news is refreshing. Below are some pics:

escuelita reading escuelita older girls at escuelita

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Forbidden by the Spirit? Prayer requests for this week in N. Mexico

The Lord’s ways are often mysterious to us and this is no different when it comes to mission. Think about this: Paul and his missionary team had every intention to go to Asia but were “forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia. And when they came up to Mysia, they attempted to go into Bythnia but the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them” (Acts 16:6-7). Yet as a result of a later missionary journey Paul was allowed to go preach and teach in Asia even to the extent that we read, “This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks” (Acts 19:10).

In what way did the Holy Spirit forbid Paul and his team in Acts 16? Was there a supernatural revelation such as a voice that told them they could not go? Or perhaps, there was some sense of unity in the Spirit that they all agreed it was not the proper time; or maybe there was some sort of circumstance happening along their route to Asia that made it not the right time and they were seeing that as from the Holy Spirit? The reality is we do not really know and Luke did not think the particulars of the situation were the main point but rather that the Holy Spirit was in complete control of where and when Paul and his team were to go.

Many of you know that last week my church planting team was planning to go into the villages we work in in Northern Mexico but due to a sharp and “sudden” growth in violence the national believers in our villages told us not to come that week. Was this the Holy Spirit preventing us to go by using His people to give us sound direction? Perhaps and we thank the Lord for the way He uses His people to help direct us.

However, after a week has gone by and now both us and them have a better understanding of the situation and the wisest game plan to go forth we will return to Village CO today through Thursday. We will be focusing most of our time working with the members of our church plant there teaching them how to understand the Bible for themselves. We will be working with them each night at 5 pm. We will also spend time visiting them and others throughout the days strengthening and encouraging believers as well as building relationships and sharing the gospel with unbelievers.

Please pray for:

  • God to be exceeedingly pleased and glorified in all we do
  • The believers to come eagerly to learn and understand how to study the Bible on their own
  • New believers added to the Kingdom of God
  • Boldness to proclaim the gospel with love
  • The Lord’s protection as we travel and minister in the village
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